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Brian is a Director of Photography based in Los Angeles and working around the globe.

His work in sports journalism for ESPN has garnered him four Emmy® nominations and one Emmy® win. He is known for his unique style of capturing real-life moments through highly cinematic and dynamic imagery. 

If you’ve watched ESPN, you’ve seen his work. If you follow The Rock on Instagram, you’ve seen his work. You may have even seen his work at SXSW or Cannes. He’s yet to be in competition at Sundance, but you can often find him wandering the streets of Park City in late January.

In the commercial world he’s shot campaigns for Under Armour, Disney, Universal, Warner Brothers, Sony Pictures, and dozens more.

Brian believes that good storytelling can exists in every medium, and every project is an opportunity to take the audience on a journey.

He probably wants to work with you, so give him a call. If you can’t find him, check your local cocktail bar.


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